Thursday, August 29, 2013

longing for some red bean ice cream

she orders a scoop
of red bean ice cream
i ask for two

* Yu Chang recently told me that red beans symbolized longing in one's heart. (See, "The Red Beans, the Legend of the Love Beans"; also, click here for a presentation about Longing Heart Green Tea.)  Sadly, as an innocent young lad on a first date with a girl who wanted red bean ice cream, Yu wasn't aware of that ancient myth.  He is surely a lot wiser now.  Indeed, as I reported today at Simply Senryu, "Yu Chang is 75 tomorrow" (August 30, 2013).  I hope I'm as wise as Yu before I get to be seventy-five.  I better hurry. [This poem and explanation have been edited, as I had originally thought Yu was talking about green tea ice cream.  I'm glad he reminded me it was a red bean legned.]