Sunday, July 04, 2010

VI: 014

Fourth of July
the parade starts
at the shopping mall

- photo by David Giacalone (July 2, 2010) along the Mohawk River, Schenectady NY -
- find fireworks (and watermelon) haiku and senryu by the f/k/a family of poets here; and photos of the annual Jumpin' Jack's fireworks display in Scotia, NY, taken from my backyard along the Mohawk River, there, for 2009, and there for 2010, at my photoblog -

Friday, July 02, 2010

VI: 013 BabyBarista makes his move (again)

casual Friday
the baby barrister
unbuttons his vest
Very best wishes to my blawg buddy Tim Kevan, who moves his BabyBarista weblog to The Guardian's blossoming Law Section today. Read about the move here; recall the history of BabyBarista at f/k/a. The Guardian is one smart newspaper/website.

I wish I had some new haiku and senryu to celebrate, but will have to make-do with a few oldies this morning.
midway through the argument
opposing counsel
crosses her legs

the taste
of coffee -
the aftertaste

the senior partner
has a senior minute

snack room —
the litigator takes
a third of the donuts

fresh coffee brewing
gotta go
gotta go