Wednesday, December 19, 2007

III: 064 two haiga calendars from santa to you

As announced here, the f/k/a Gang has put together two 12-page calendars, with a haiga on each page, for your use and possible enjoyment throughout 2008. One's kitschy and one a bit more artsy. You can print them out from an uploaded Word document:
The f/k/a Haiga Memories Calendar 2008 has haiga with b&w photos taken circa 1950 by Mama Giacalone of her three darling children.

The Giacalone Haiga Calendar 2008.combines photos taken by Arthur Giacalone. Most have been published or are pending at varous online journals.
My alter ego dagosan takes responsibility for the haiku and senryu used to create the calendar haiga.

wintry mix
we make a snow buddha
for Santa

ides of december -
santa asks the judge
where to find the kids


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